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One October, a few years ago, I was bored in my home town of Vancouver, Canada. So I decided to see a random show with a friend, it was a fundraiser for Women Against Violence Against Women (photos of the show here). Three bands that I had no idea what they were like – Thee Ahs, Artinair, and the Oh Wells. Though all three bands were pretty good (Thee Ahs were killer the next time I saw them), I was particularly impressed by the Oh Wells and notably their front-woman, Sarah Jickling. She ran up to the stage from the back of the Biltmore Cabaret and gave one of the more charming energetic shows of my 2011. Ms Jickling was selling cupcakes for $3 at the show….

sarah jickling, The Oh Wells










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Sarah and Garageband- When I Get Better

The question is: Is “getting better” getting rid of the symptoms, or accepting them?

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Sarah and Garageband- You Let Me Down

Tale as old as time… boy meets girl. Boy dates girl. Boy plays violin in all of girl’s youtube videos. Boy dumps girl. Girl replaces boy with the sample sounds on Garageband. Garageband slowly heals girl’s broken heart.

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A Tour to “Stomp The Stigma”



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Hey guys!

This summer, we will be touring western Canada to raise awareness for this cause that is EXTREMELY dear to my heart. Please stay tuned for tour dates and more info. And if you are in Vancouver, there will be fundraiser for Stomp The Stigma happening on May 24th. Get tickets here!

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I cried several times while listening to this interview…

I found this interview beautiful and interesting. Both Marc Maron and Fiona Apple deal with mental health issues in different ways, and hearing the two of them talk was captivating… especially when Fiona Apple discussed her compulsions and the lens through which she views life. Give this a listen if you’ve got some time!

love, Sarah

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