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Below is a list of interesting and informative resources to help you complete everything you read on this blog.


On this website, you will find valuable information about the garage music of today. You can also read about the latest album releases of other music genres, concerts, album reviews, and much more.

Midnight Music

On this page, you will learn how to create music using technology. There have been many advances in technology and it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money in a recording studiowhen you can record everything at home.

Arts Online

In Arts Online, you will find interesting articles about the process needed to start a garage band and how to organize the rehearsals. Through various lessons, you can learn how to write songs and be a garage musicleader.


Songtrust is a website where you can find out about the history of garage music and how it began when the bands rehearsed in the garage of their parents’ house. You will learn about the different types of rock and subgenres, the most representative bands in history, and the most important albums that marked a before and after of its most popular period.


In ResearchGate you will find a forum where the garage music lovers community can discuss everything related to the music. The future of garage music, how it is perceived by record companies today and the bands that are making this genre gain recognition are also discussed.


At Crlibrary you will find an extensive bookstore where important books about the history of garage music and how it became a musical phenomenon during the 1960s, are available. You will be able to understand why the changes around us occur so quickly.

Learn about the instruments used in this genre and the most representative notes that accompany them and differentiate them from other musical genres.

Retrospect ‘60s Garage Punk Show

This podcast showcases music from the garage and punk music scene of Canada, the United States, the UK, France, and Italy.